Mark Jansen

Mark was born and raised in Amsterdam. He spent his youth in Amsterdam-West where he has achieved his VWO diploma at Hervormd Lyceum West.

Mark attended the Pabo (teacher aducation) and a good friend asked Mark to join a childcare centre connected to the AICS. As the after school teacher and lunchtime coordinator, he worked with a lot of fun at the Amsterdam International Community School: "over the years you develop an extra sense and you notice that your own innocence, youthfulness and clear approach works with children."

A positive approach, understanding of feelings, playing with mutual respect and patience are values that Mark cherishes.The last years his focus was on city gardening what made him become of the volunteers of neighborhood vegetable garden soeptuin Bredius.

Mark his affinity with gardening and nature has brought him to natuurspeeltuin het Woeste Westen who still promote the 'real' free play and nature education. "Where I as I child was allowed to play on the street, where I could scramble by and over public gardens the children nowadays aren't. The society is changing and parents are becoming more afraid and that is so extremely unfortunate, because those were my most beautiful adventures". As groen metselaar for foundation Groen Cement Mark is commited to create a green at home day care. Foundation Groen Cement has the goal to bring everyone together who are involved in the relationship child & nature. They store a bridge between professionals in the child care and professionals in the field of nature and the environment. 

Mark is already 8 years together with his girlfriend Esther and has since 2012 the apartment in Hembrugstraat 328 where he lives with Esther and their sweet housecat 'Plukkie'.

Housecat "Plukkie"

Girlfriend Esther

Vrijwilligerswerk Afrika  | Oktober 2014